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Scented fish attractant for fishing bait

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Fish attractants with live scent for bait and bait - for swim baits, jigs, rubber baits, worms or jerkbaits

It is a compound derived from algae. It is a marine food attractant. Experiments have shown that even when it is applied to rocks, fish will nibble on them. Therefore, some people use the term “fish bite stones” to describe its predatory effects. It is used as bait in fishing to increase the appetite of the feeder. It makes it easier for the fish to bite. As an additive for aquatic feed, it can greatly promote the keeping of aquatic animals.

🐟【Best Effect】Experiments have shown that even if something like this is painted on the stone, the fish will bite the stone.

🐟【Effective】It strongly stimulates the sense of smell and taste of aquatic creatures, increases the mobility and stress resistance of the fish.

🐟【Why this is 】Elevated amino acids create a scent that fish can't resist and mask unwanted odors that can repel fish.

🐟【Harmless Safety】It is a naturally occurring substance in aquatic animals, there is no residual problem and it can be used for a long time.

🐟【Wide Application】Suitable for all kinds of fish species, such as freshwater carp, crucian carp, tilapia, eel, trout, tuna, saltwater fish, snapper, shellfish, shrimp, etc.

🐟【Applicable places】Our fishing attractants are suitable for reservoirs/lakes/rivers/black pits. It can be used by both experienced anglers and beginners for an enjoyable fishing experience.

Application: For better results, pour directly into the water or mix with the bait.

Applicable to: 🔸 Freshwater fish: carp, crucian carp, eel, eel, rainbow trout, tilapia, etc.; 🔸 Marine fish: large golden perch, red bream, turbot, etc.; 🔸 Crustaceans: shrimps, crabs, etc.

Powerful flavor that spreads quickly

The attractants are carried by very fine food particles - just 0.4 micrometers in diameter - that's 0.4 thousandths of a millimeter. So when it hits the lake, river or sea, these particles immediately begin to disperse, creating a flavor cloud and a powerful flavor trail to your bait.

3000x more bioavailable flavor

Billions of micro-food particles also mean a larger surface area for available taste and smell. In fact, micronutrients have 3,000 times more surface area than a regular oil-based flavoring - meaning 3,000 times more flavor and smell for the fish to detect.


Product weight: 75g
Product size: 4*8cm
Capacity: 60ml
Package includes: 1/2/3× Scented Fish Attractants for Bait


Please allow slight dimensional deviations due to manual measurements.
Due to the different display and light effects, the actual color of the item may vary slightly from the color shown on the picture.